Clean and fun photography website with 10 interactive pages including home, about, portfolio, investment and more! Easy to edit with your own brand content. 


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This template is for the Wix platform only. Once the sale has been confirmed, you will receive a link to transfer the template to your Wix account. 


1. Create your free Wix account
2. Purchase this template and include your email address in your order.
3. The website gets transferred from my Wix account to yours
4. Accept the website transfer and edit away!



• You are responsible for editing your site. This template does not include custom website design.
• Your domain will *not* automatically connect, even if you already have a domain in Wix (you can still use your domain and use your premium if you have it already, though!) You just need to *manually* connect it.

The Bailey: Wix Website Template


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