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i'm lauryn

I'm just like you. No, really, I am. I'm just a suburban girl who decided to turn her dreams into a reality. In turn, I now get to spend my weekends with my friends. I'm all about building relationships and connections. After all, that's what wedding photography is all about.


I do this job every weekend because I'm one of those people that is obsessed with pictures. Not just for a living, but for myself. I understand the value in photography. I do this for people who are just like me. For the ones who cherish those photos hanging on the walls. The photos still in that purple glitter album from 2002 of you and your friends in Limited Too. Those memories are all we have from the anchors that built us. Photos are proof that we have lived. 

I've developed my own style that lets color breathe and light shine. If you dig that, then we're off to a great start. Your wedding can't be ordered out of a catalog, so all those little details; all those little moments; all those happy tears, I want to capture them. 


Let's be friends. To quote Taylor Swift, "are you ready for it?"

*vaccinated & ready to photograph!



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Lauryn Schalk
Photography by Lauryn

Not only did she go above and beyond to help ensure our day ran smoothly, but she has the best/most artistic eye I have ever seen. I was physically there and her photos brought out beauty I hadn't even seen. Her photographs conveyed so clearly all the love and happiness of my husband and I as well as all of our guests.

-Sarah & Shane


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