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Learn all about my approach to getting candid and authentic images that capture your couple's true personalities!

Content: 84 pages

Format: PDF

Investment: $97

Get familiar with how to arrange your couple's details for gorgeous flat lay imagery.


Content: 42 pages

Format: PDF

Investment: $39

Getting into the wedding industry; it's hard to know where to start. Learn how to execute a shoot from idea to published!

Content: 42 pages

Format: PDF

Investment: $39

Lauryn’s Posing guide is amazing!!! You can tell she has poured so much love and energy into making a guide to help simplify wedding portraits! This in-depth guide is filled with more poses than I ever thought possible including simple, but fun tips on how to narrate it to clients!  She breaks it down into an easy to follow guide and shares her workflow for both the photographer and the client. She also has great tips on how to bring out the couples personality in a fun and lively way! These tips are sure to produce gorgeous photos that highlight the relationship of the couple and make wedding photos FUN!!  I also appreciate the simplicity of the systems she has created. It allows me to seamlessly move from pose to pose in a natural way that doesn’t make the couple feel awkward and rather turns the session into a fun memory. Not to mention how much detail she goes into posing not only the couple, but the bridal party, and individuals as well!! This takes all the guesswork out of planning portraits for the wedding day.  What I love most about it all though is that you can tailor it to meet the needs of your couple and really highlight their relationship and style!!! SO excited to start implementing these into my session! 


I don't know where to start!